Ahmed Mahmoud

Junsu Kang

Assistant Professor
PhD, Seoul National University

Postdoctoral Research: Duke University (with Kenneth Poss)

Contact Information
Email: junsu.kang@wisc.edu
4451 WIMR II
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Research Interests

While mammals exhibit limited abilities to repair damaged tissues, zebrafish possess a remarkable potential to regenerate injured tissues such as amputated appendages and damaged heart muscle. My research interest is to understand how genetic and epigenetic factors control tissue regeneration using forward genetic screening and a spectrum of molecular and cellular techniques with adult zebrafish.

Representative Publications

  • Kang, J., Hu, J., Karra, R., Dickson, A.L, Tornini, V.A., Nachtrab, G., Gemberling, M., Goldman, J.A., Black, B.L., Poss, K.D. Modulation of tissue repair by regeneration enhancer elements. Nature. 523(7598):201-206, (2016)

  • Kang, J., Karra, R., and Poss, K.D. Back in Black. Developmental Cell. 33(6):623-624, (2015)

  • Kang, J., Nachtrab, G., Poss, K.D., Local Dkk1 Crosstalk from Breeding Ornaments Impedes Regeneration of Injured Male Zebrafish Fins. Developmental  Cell.  27(1):19-31,  (2013)  (This paper is chosen by cover story.)

  • Kang, J.*, Bai, Z.*, Zegarek, M.H., Grant, B.D., Lee, J. Essential roles of snap-29 in C. elegans. Developmental Biology. 355(1):77-88, (2011). (* These two equally contributed to this work)

  • Choi, B., Kang, J., Park, YS., Lee, J., Cho, NJ. A possible role for FRM-1, a C. elegans FERM family protein, in embryonic development. Molecules and Cells. 31(5):455-459, (2011).