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Research News - July 2016

Highlighted in the July 1, 2016 issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell is a paper from Beth Weaver's lab: "High rates of chromosome missegregation suppress tumor progression but do not inhibit tumor initiation".

Student News - July 2016

Jun Wan, Physiology Graduate Training Program student with Beth Weaver, has been awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association starting July 1, 2016. Congratulations Jun!

Research News - May 2016

May 25, 2016: Congratulations to Joseph Szulczewski , Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology graduate student with Patti Keely, on the publication of his paper "In Vivo Visualization of Stromal Macrophages via label-free FLIM based metabolite imaging" in Nature Scientific Reports.

Student News - April 2016

Joseph Szulczewski is featured on the UW Mad Scientists blog for his image of the breast tumor microenvironment in a live mouse using endogenous fluorescence signals - no added antibodies or other labels.

Congratulations Joe!

Faculty News - April 2016

Rupa Sridharan has received a Vilas Faculty Early Career Investigator Award. The award recognizes research and teaching excellence in faculty who are relatively early in their careers. It provides flexible funds which can be used for research, publication, project assistantships, or other expenses related to scholarly activity.

Congratulations Rupa!

Research Symposium - April 2016
The Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium titled "Stem Cells in the 4th Dimension: Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging and Maturation" was held on April 13, 2016 at the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, 5445 East Cheryl Parkway, Fitchburg, WI. It brought together leading researchers working in the areas of: (1) Endocrine, micro-RNA, epigenetic, and metabolic regulators of aging; (2) Systemic regulators elucidated by parabiosis; (3) Treatment of age-related stem cell dysfunction, and (4) In vivo and in vitro models of neural, musculoskeletal, cardiac, and pancreatic tissue maturation

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Student/Postdoc News - March 2016

Karla Esbona, PhD, postdoc and former graduate student with Patti Keely, is one of the winners in the 2016 Cool Science Image contest, for her micrograph of breast tissue from a cancer patient.

Congratulations Karla!

Student News - March 2016
Sumit KarSumit Kar, a graduate student with Rick Moss and J. Carter Ralphe, has been awarded an NRSA predoctoral fellowship from NIH. Sumit is an MD/PhD student in the Physiology Graduate Training Program and the Medical Scientist Training program. His F30 fellowship is titled "Regulation of cardiac contractility by site specific phosphorylation of cardiac myosin binding protein C".

Congratualtions Sumit!

Faculty News - February 2016

CRB welcomes the following UW faculty as affiliate or joint members of our department:

Pam Kreeger, Biomolecular Engineering, joint appointment

Michelle Kimple, Medicine, affiliate appointment

Bo Liu, Surgery, affiliate appointment

Xin Sun, Genetics, affiliate appointment

Welcome to our new faculty members!

Research News - September 2015
Emery Bresnick Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, led by Emery Bresnick, Professor, Cell and Regenerative Biology, have revealed the function of a small chromosome segment directly responsible for a subset of myeloid leukemias. Knowing the origin could give researchers and clinicians a way to specifically treat the cause of the disease, rather than using general therapies that target symptoms instead of the source.

The study, published in Science Advances, distinguishes the normal function of a non-coding DNA element from its ability to promote leukemia when it is relocated away from its normal site on the chromosome due to a mutation.
Science Advances article

Faculty News - July 2015
Barak Blum Barak Blum has joined the Dept of Cell and Regenerative Biology as our newest Assistant Professor. Barak's research interests include Regulation of terminal differentiation and functional maturation of stem and progenitor cells, regenerative biology of the endocrine pancreas and diabetes . Barak comes to us most recently from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Welcome to Madison!

Research News - July 2015
Kyle Hewitt Kyle Hewitt, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Emery Bresnick, Professor, Cell and Rengenerative Biology, is the first author of Hematopoietic Signaling Mechanism Revealed from a Stem/Progenitor Cell Cistrome, which appears in the July 2, 2015 issue of Molecular Cell. The authors discovered an ensemble of DNA sequences in the mouse and human genomes that control the activity of genes governing the generation and/or function of stem and progenitor cells that form the blood system.

Meet the author:

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Research News - March 2015
James Thomson Stem Cell advances at UW-Madison by James Thomson, Professor, Cell and Rengenerative Biology, and colleagues, and their application to treatment of serious human afflictions like blindness and ALS, are the focus of a new feature article on "The Why Files - The Science Behind The News"

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