Cell and Regenerative Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2014 Schedule

All seminars @12:10 PM in the Genetics/Biotech Auditorium

Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 30, 2014
Richard Anderson,
UW - Madison
Lipid Messengers in the Nucleus Regulate Genome Wide Expression
Feb. 6, 2014
David Beebe,
UW - Biomedical Engineering
Translation Across Scales: the Intersection of Cancer Biology and Micro Scale Engineering
Feb. 13, 2014
Gordon Mitchell,
UW - Comparative Biosciences
Intermittent Hypoxia Induces Spinal Motor Plasticity: Implications for Spinal Cord Injury
Feb. 20, 2014
Jonathan Makielski,
UW - Medicine
SUR2 Variants, the Mitochondrial ATP-sensitive Potassium Channel, and Protection from Ischemia in Heart
Feb. 27, 2014
Mar. 6, 2014
Laura Kiessling,
UW - Chemistry
Signals from the Surface to Control Cell Fate Decisions
Mar. 13, 2014
William Bement,
UW - Zoology
Regeneration and the Single Cell: Signaling, Cytoskeleton and Membrane Dynamics During Cell Repair
Mar. 20, 2014
Spring Break - No seminar
Mar. 27, 2014
Yukiko Yamashita,
Univ of Michigan
Asymmetric Stem Cell Division in Tissue Homeostasis in the Drosophila Male Germline
Apr. 3, 2014
Michael Laflamme,
Univ of Washington
Electrical Maturation and Integration of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Apr. 10, 2014
Bo Liu,
UW - Surgery
Rethinking Necrosis in Vascular Disease
Apr. 24, 2014
Ian Duncan,
UW - Medical Sciences
Are Stem Cells or Progenitors the Only Cells Capable of Remyelinating the CNS?
May 1, 2014
David Pellman,
Harvard University
Centrosome Amplification and Cancer
May 8, 2014
Melissa Rolls,
Penn State University
Disassembling Axons Step by Step: Microtubules, Kinesins and Energy Collapse in Degenerating Axons
May 15, 2014
Rachel Smith-Bolton,
Univ of Illinois
Regulation of Signaling, Patterning and Cell Fate During Regenerative Growth

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