Ge Group 2015

Principle Investigator
Ying Ge, PhD



Associate Professor, Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Director of Mass Spectrometry
Human Proteomics Program
School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ph.D. 2002, Cornell University
B.S. 1997, Peking (Beijing) University, China
Biographical Sketch

Postdoctal Associates

Ziqing Lin, PhD


Ziqing received his BS and MS from Tsinghua University in analytical chemistry. He came to the States to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University, focusing on MS instrumentation, ambient ionization methods, and gas-phase ion reactions. He joined the Ge group in 2015 and is currently working on MS-compatible surfactants and implementation of both ion parking and ETD/ECD for top-down proteomics. He is also a Latin ballroom dancer in his spare time.



Graduate students

Zachery Gregorich, 6th Year
Molecular and  Cellular Pharmacology Program

Zachery Gregorich

Originally from Upper Michigan, Zach actively engages in the research that involes around investigating the underlying molecular mechanism(s) responsible for cardiac dysfunction after myocardial infarction to identify key biological pathways involved in the progression to heart failure that could be therapeuticall targets. When not in the lab, Zach enjoys working out and playing video games.



Yang Hu, 4th year MD/PhD student

Yang Hu

Yang hails from Washington state. In 2013, he graduated from California Institute of Technology with a B.S. in biology. He is currently a 2nd year medical student in the medical scientist training program (MSTP) at UW-Madison and will officially join the lab in 2015. Yang finds great interest in translational research. His hobbies include piano, jogging and basketball.



Wenxuan (Vege) Cai, 3rd Year
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Program


Wenxuan (Vege) received her BS in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is interested in the regulation of cardiac funtion and regeneration. From the Shantou City in Southeast China, Vege is a crazy tea lover. She also likes to design and do programming.




Yutong Jin, 3rd Year
Chemistry Program



Yutong received her BS degree in Chemistry from Nankai University. She is interested in mass spectrometry and top-down proteomics. She likes traveling and collecting postcards. 




Bifan  Chen, 3rd Year
Chemistry Program


Bifan graduated from St. Olaf College, where he majored in Chemistry and Asian Studies. His current research interests include novel instrumentation, method development, and their applications on biological issues. In his spare time,Bifan likes to play the violin, watch basketball games, and hang out with friends.




Kyle Brown, 2nd Year
Chemistry Program


Kyle received his BS in Chemistry and BA in mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He moved to Madison in 2015 enrolling in the Chemistry PhD program with an interest in characterizing membrane proteins. His hobbies include playing soccer, basketball, guitar, reading, and brewing beer!  




Trisha Tucholski, 2nd Year
Chemistry Program


Trisha received her BS in forensic chemistry from Penn State University in 2015. Currently, she is interested in improving chromatographic methods for top-down proteomics. She loves to drink coffee at any time of the day. Her hobbies include yoga, reading, and painting. 




Zhijie (Abe) Wu, 2nd Year
Chemistry Program


Abe received his BS in chemistry and BA in mathematics from the University of Rochester. He joined the Chemistry PhD program in Fall 2015 as a chemical biology student. His research interest focuses on utilizing nanoparticles to isolate and characterize kinases and kinome. He enjoys cycling in the summer time and traveling. 




Stephanie Werner, 1st Year
Chemistry Program


Stephanie received her BA in chemistry and statistics from Northwestern University in 2016. She enrolled the Chemistry PhD program in Fall 2016 as a materials chemistry student. Currently, she is interested in using nanoparticles to capture and image proteins. Her hobbies include watching sports, playing volleyball, and drinking lots of coffee.




Samantha Knott, 1st Year
Chemistry Program


Samantha received her BA in biochemistry from Lawrence University and joined the Chemistry department as a chemical biology student in Fall 2016. Her research interests are currently in cancer proteomics and the characterization of post-transcriptional modifications. Her hobbies include running and drinking lots of coffee. She also has a studio art minor and continues to enjoy oil-painting.




Tim Tiambeng, 1st Year
Chemistry Program


Tim received his BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine. He joined the Chemistry PhD program in 2016 as a chemical biology student.His current research interest is in developing a better cardiac troponin assay using nanomaterials and top-down proteomics. He enjoys swing dancing and road trips to national parks!



Former members

  • Tania Guardado, PhD
    Currently Senior Lab Safety Specialist in University of Southern California.
  • Liming Wei, PhD
    Currently Senior Engineer in Fudan University.
  • Leekyoung Hwang, PhD
    Currently Scientist in Mirus Bio LLC.
  • Ying (Lynn) Peng, PhD
    Currently Associate Research Scientist in PPD, Inc.
  • Xin (Jack) Chen, PhD.
    Currently Scientist in Catalent, Inc.
  • Ying-Hua (Edith) Chang, PhD
    Currently Senior Scientist in PPD, Inc.
  • Santosh Valeja, PhD
    Senior Scientist in Analytical Development group at �SSCI-A division of Aptuit.
  • Wei Guo, PhD
    Currently Assistant Professor, Muscle Biology,
    Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wyoming,
  • Serife Ayaz Guner, PhD
    Currently an assistant professor in Turkey
  • Jiang Zhang, PhD
    Currently Scientist at Genzyme Corporation
  • Han Zhang, PhD
    Currently Scientist at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Xintong Dong, PhD
    Currently Post-doc Associate at Johns Hopkins University
  • Nathan Klapoetke, PhD
    Currently Post-doc Associate at HHMI Janelia Campus
  • Moltu Guy, MD
    Currently Anesthesiologist with ASMG, San Diego, California
  • Fangmin Xu, MS
    Currently Scientist at Novatis
  • Yi-chen (Ivy) Chen, MS
    Currently Scientist in Genetech.
  • Lisa Xu
    Currently a happy stay-at-home mom
  • Huseyin Guner, MS
  • Patrick Close, BS
    Currently a freelance software developer
  • Deyang (Charles) Yu, BS
  • Ryan Nie, BS
    Currently a programmer at Liberty Mutual
  • Daniel Ziebell, BS
    Currently MD student at UW-Madison
  • Corey Nelson, BS
    Currently PhD student at Columbia University
  • Lin Li, BS
    Currently Engineer at Kraft Food Group
  • Matthew Lawrence, BS
    Currently Scientist at Covance
  • Albert Chen, BS
    Currently Commercial Lending Analyst in Wells Fargo

Undergraduate students

Rachel Heuer, Junior








Zachery Hite, Junior



Zach is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Biochemistry. He is originally from the Twin Cities and began working with the group in September of 2015. In his free time his interests include photography and music.


William Ochowicz, Junior








Cyrus Colah, Junior



Cyrus is a 3rd undergraduate at UW-Madison studying Chemical Engineering. He joined the group in March, 2015 and is currently working with Leekyoung Hwang on the synthesis of nanoparticles for use in proteomics.



Kunal Dani, Junior


Kunal Dani is a 2nd year undergraduate student at UW-Madison studying Chemical Engineering. He has been working with the group since January 2015 and worked with Leekyoung Hwang on synthesis of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles for application in Proteomic studies. His hobbies include long-distance running, hiking and attending Badger football games.



Visiting Scholar

Ruixiang Sun, PhD



Bioinformatics Specialist

Yiwen Gu


Honorary member

Beini Lyu, MD


Beini received her M.D in internal medicine from Peking University in 2016. She is interested in Mass spectrometry application in clinical studies. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and drinking coffee.




Andrew Alpert, PhD