Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Schedule

All seminars @1:00 PM in Room 6571 WIMR (unless otherwise noted)

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wdt_ID Date Speaker Topic Host Flyer
1 09/05/2018 James Martin
Baylor University
Hippo signaling in heart regeneration Ahmed Mahmoud Flyer
3 09/19/2018 Mary Sorci Thomas
Medical College of Wisconsin
Obesity, Adipocytes and Cholesterol Metabolism: What’s the Connection?” Bo Liu

NOTE: Room Change – 8571 WIMR II
4 09/21/2018 William Shankle
Hoag Neuroscience Institute
Cognitive Impairment and Dementia are Preventable Conditions: Development of a Practical, Inexpensive Solution Special Seminar hosted by Joseph Kemnitz

NOTE: September 21 is a Friday.
5 10/03/2018 Laurie Boyer
Matters of the heart: controlling cardiac fate Ahmed Mahmoud Flyer
7 10/24/2018 Hong Wang
Temple University School of Medicine
DNA hypomethylation-mediated endothelial injury and monocyte differentiation Bo Liu Flyer
8 12/05/2018 Richard Kitsis
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Chemical and Structural Approaches to Manipulating Cell Death Ying Ge Flyer
9 03/27/2019 Michael Tsang
University of Pittsburgh
Understanding the cellular events in cardiac development and regeneration Junsu Kang Flyer
10 04/24/2019 Marjorie Brand
University of Ottawa
Understanding Erythropoiesis Using Quantitative Proteomics and Single Cell Mass Cytometry Emery Bresnick Flyer
12 03/06/2019 Jeffrey Millman
Washington University St. Louis
Engineering Stem Cells to Cure Diabetes Barak Blum Flyer
13 02/06/2019 Benjamin Allen
University of Michigan
The Hedgehog is a Fox: Hedgehog Signaling in Embryonic and Postnatal Development, Adult Tissue Homeostasis and Cancer Deneen Wellik Flyer

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