John Fallon

Position title: Harland Winfield Mossman Emeritus Professor


Phone: Phone: (608) 262-3775

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Genetic and molecular control of limb pattern formation and evolution

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B.S., Marquette University, Milwaukee
Ph.D., Marquette University, Milwaukee


We are studying how the temporal expression of growth factors, their receptors and homeobox genes permit development of embryonic pattern. We utilize a variety of cellular and molecular approaches to understand how the limb field is determined, how growth of the amniote limb is initiated and maintained and its three-dimensional pattern established

Representative Publications

  • Chiang, C., Y. Litingtung, M.P. Harris, B.K. Simandl, Y. Li, P.A. Beachy, and J. F. Fallon. 2001. Manifestation of the Limb Prepattern: Limb Development in the Absence of Sonic Hedgehog Function. Dev.Biol. 236:421-435
  • Wang, B., J.F. Fallon, and P.A. Beachy. 2000. Long-range hedgehog signaling within the developing vertebrate limb produces an anterior/posterior gradient of Gli3 repressor. Cell, 100:423-434
  • Dahn, R.D. and J..F. Fallon. 2000. Interdigital Regulation of Digit Identity and Homeotic Transformation by Modulated BMP Signaling. Science, 289:438-441 (Comment in: Science 2000; 289:372-3).
  • Szebenyi, G. and J.F. Fallon. 1999. FGFs as multifunctional signaling factors. Internat’l Review Cytology, 185:45-106. Invited review by I.R.C. Editorial Board
  • Caruccio, N., A. Lopez-Martinez, M. Harris, L. Dvorak, J. Bitgood, B.K. Simandl, and J.F. Fallon. 1999. Constitutive activation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling in the chicken mutant talpid2: Shh independent outgrowth and polarizing activity. Devel. Biol., 212:137-149