Emeritus/Emerita Faculty

Karen Downs

Position title: Professor

Email: kdowns@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 265-5411

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Development of the fetal-placental connection

Daniel S. Greenspan

Position title: Professor

Email: dsgreens@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 262-4676 | Fax: (608) 262-6691

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Extracellular modulators of cellular behaviors in development, homeostasis, and disease

Colin Jefcoate

Position title: Helmut Beinert Professor of Biological Sciences

Email: jefcoate@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 263-3975

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Physiological Mechanisms Associated with P450 Cytochromes. Our research addresses signaling mechanisms involving P450 cytochromes. These regulate activity at nuclear receptors regulated by three types of activator. - Cholesterol/steroid hormones - Fatty acids and metabolites - Ah receptor/PCB's and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Joseph Kemnitz

Position title: Professor

Email: kemnitz@primate.wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 263-9726

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Regulation of energy balance and the processes of aging

Gary Lyons

Position title: Professor

Email: gelyons@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 262-2874

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Characterization of novel genes in the mouse cardiovascular system using gene trapping in embryonic stem cells

Richard Moss

Position title: Professor - Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology and Graduate Studies, School of Medicine and Public Health

Email: rlmoss@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 265-0523

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Heart and skeletal muscle physiology