University of Wisconsin–Madison


Anita Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 265-6142

RESEARCH INTERESTS - How the development of the cerebral cortex is altered in developmental disorders characterized by mental impairment

Barak Blum

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 265-5211 | Fax: (608) 262-7306

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Regulation of terminal differentiation and functional maturation of stem and progenitor cells, regenerative biology of the endocrine pancreas, diabetes

Grace Boekhoff-Falk

Associate Professor

Phone: (608) 262-1609 | Fax: (608) 262-7306

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Development and evolution of neural systems

Emery Bresnick

Professor; Director, UW-Madison Blood Research Program

Phone: (608) 265-6446

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Hematopoiesis, Stem and Progenitor Cell Biology, and Genomics/Epigenomics: Fundamental and Translational Science

Ricki Colman

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 263-3544

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Energy regulation and the impact of caloric restriction on aging in nonhuman primates

Ying Ge

Associate Professor

Phone: (608) 263-9212 | Fax: (608) 265-5512 |

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Cardiovascular Systems Biology through High-resolution Mass Spectrometry-based Comparative Proteomics and Metabolomics

Daniel S. Greenspan


Phone: (608) 262-4676 | Fax: (608) 262-6691

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Extracellular modulators of cellular behaviors in development, homeostasis, and disease

Anne Griep


Phone: (608) 262-8988

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Molecular and genetic regulation of mouse development, in particular ocular development and disease

Colin Jefcoate

Helmut Beinert Professor of Biological Sciences

Phone: (608) 263-3975

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Physiological Mechanisms Associated with P450 Cytochromes. Our research addresses signaling mechanisms involving P450 cytochromes. These regulate activity at nuclear receptors regulated by three types of activator. - Cholesterol/steroid hormones - Fatty acids and metabolites - Ah receptor/PCB's and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Timothy J. Kamp

Professor - Medicine; Co-director - Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center

Phone: (608) 263-1172, (608) 263-1532

ORGAN SYSTEM/DISEASE FOCUS - Cardiac, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias
ALIGNED RESEARCH FOCUS - Cardiogenesis from embryonic stem cells

Junsu Kang

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 262-8678

RESEARCH INTERESTS - We ordinary human beings poorly regenerate most lost tissues including brain, limb and heart. Why do we have limited regenerative capacity and how can we improve this limit? In nature, regenerative capacity varies across species and thus we can get clues from studying a superhero-like animal. Like superheroes, zebrafish spectacularly regenerate almost all damaged tissues or organs including brain, fin and heart, making them an attractive system to study fundamental mechanisms underlying tissue regeneration. In addition, zebrafish is a unique vertebrate model amenable to high-throughput drug screening and forward genetic screening, which cannot be done easily in other vertebrate models. Our laboratory uses zebrafish as a model organism to investigate genetic and epigenetic factors controlling tissue regeneration.

Joseph Kemnitz

Professor and Interim Chair

Phone: (608) 263-9726

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Regulation of energy balance and the processes of aging

Pamela Kreeger

Associate Professor - Biomedical Engineering

Phone: (608) 890-2915 | Fax: (608) 265-9239

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Systems biology, cell-cell interactions, ovarian cancer, angiogenesis, macrophages

Youngsook Lee

Associate Professor

Phone: (608) 265-6352

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Transcriptional control of normal cardiovascular development and function

Bo Liu

Professor - Surgery

Phone: (608) 263-5931

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Biology of blood vessels: cellular and molecular pathologies of restenosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Gary Lyons


Phone: (608) 262-2874

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Characterization of novel genes in the mouse cardiovascular system using gene trapping in embryonic stem cells

Ahmed Mahmoud

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 262-8682

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Mammalian Heart Regeneration

Richard Moss

Professor - Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology and Graduate Studies, School of Medicine and Public Health

Phone: (608) 265-0523

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Heart and skeletal muscle physiology

Igor Slukvin

Professor - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Phone: (608) 263-0058

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Hematopoietic development from pluripotent stem cells; de novo generation of hematopoietic stem cells, modeling leukemia stem cells using reprogramming technologies.

Rupa Sridharan

Assistant Professor

Phone: (608) 316-4422

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Epigenetics of cell fate change

James Thomson

John D. MacArthur Professor; Director, Regenerative Biology, Morgridge Inst. for Research; Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology, UC - Santa Barbara

Phone: (608) 316-4348

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Human and non-human primate embryonic stem cells

Beth Weaver

Associate Professor

Phone: (608) 263-5309

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Regulation of chromosome segregation during mitosis

Faculty Associate

Nicholas Cozzi

Faculty Associate

Phone: (608) 262-7596

TEACHING INTERESTS - design, chemical synthesis, and pharmacological testing of substances with central nervous system activity