Areas of Research

Vision Diagram

Molecular and Cellular Biology/Pharmacology
Faculty: Bresnick, Ge, Ponik Sridharan and Weaver

The multidisciplinary molecular and cellular biology/pharmacology group studies molecular mechanisms that underlie normal and stress-induced cellular processes. Specific areas of focus include (i) signaling pathways relevant to cancer; (ii) molecular mechanisms that regulate gene expression during cell differentiation; (iii) extracellular controls of cellular behavior; (iv) identification and characterization of drugable targets for human diseases; (v) mechanisms of action of drugs in biological systems.

Cardiovascular Biology
Faculty: Ge, Kamp, KangLee, Lo Sardo, and Mahmoud

The multidisciplinary cardiovascular biology group studies numerous aspects of cardiac function and development. Specific areas of focus include (i) mechanisms of embryonic cardiovascular development and perturbations leading to birth defects and adult heart disease; (ii) molecular mechanisms modulating myocardial contraction, disruptions of which lead to heart failure or inherited cardiomyopathies; (iii) human tissue and animal models of heart and vascular disease; (iv) mechanisms of membrane excitability, arrhythmogenesis and sudden cardiac death.

Developmental Biology
Faculty: BhattacharyyaBlum, Boekhoff-Falk, Bresnick, Griep, Kang, and Sridharan

The developmental biology group uses whole animal systems to study the molecular basis of organ and tissue development. Specific areas of focus include (i) embryonic pattern formation; (ii) development of tissues and organ systems, with particular focus on development of olfactory and auditory organs; development of the eye; development of the heart; development of the hematopoietic and vascular systems; development of the liver; and (iii) perturbations of developmental processes, leading to birth defects.

Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Faculty: BhattacharyyaBlum, Bresnick, KangLo Sardo, Sridharan and Tamplin

The stem cell and regenerative biology group is closely aligned with the Developmental Biology group, and studies how development elaborates and aging dissipates the cellular patterning of humans. Specific areas of focus include (i) mechanisms that restrict the developmental potential of pluripotent stem cells to specific lineages; (ii) mechanisms that underlie reversal of cell differentiation states; (iii) mechanisms of interconversion between stable cell differentiation states.