Dr. Kang Lab Open Positions

Research Position

The Dr. Kang lab is seeking the research intern and research specialist positions. These positions will perform research related to understanding tissue regeneration using zebrafish models. A highly motivated individual will provide technical support for the Kang lab and will have the ability to carry out projects on their own, as needed. The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the laboratory’s research program investigating the regulatory mechanisms of cardiac regeneration enhancer elements. For further details, please contact to junsu.kang@wisc.edu.

Postdoc Fellowship Position

The Dr. Kang lab is seeking an outstanding and talented Postdoctoral Research Fellow who is interested in tissue regeneration. These projects will utilize established genetic zebrafish strains, discovered by forward genetics or generated by genome editing technique, and a wide range of molecular, cellular, biochemical and genetic approaches. The research goals are to identify novel regeneration-associated genes and to understand how injury signals are transduced to trigger tissue regeneration programs. This position will be supported by the NIH fund. For further information about the Kang Lab, visit our website https://kang.crb.wisc.edu/.